Soap to Brush Your Teeth?

My friend once told me that her dad uses soap in cleaning his teeth and I was like “Seriously?!”, confused and shocked to hear that, plus I don’t know if they have a toothpaste at their house. Just recently, I found out that it is not only her Dad who does that, but other people  as well.

Here is the article:

Early yesterday two friends both sent me a link to the same blog post on brushing your teeth with bar soap or commercial tooth soap within a few minutes of each other!


The blog was written by Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, a medical journalist with a private practice in Toronto in response to a report by Dr. Gerald F. Judd, professor emeritus of chemistry at Purdue University, who recommends using bar soap or commercial tooth soap instead of toothpaste!

According to Dr. Judd, all toothpastes contain glycerin which coats the teeth with a sticky film and prevents the enzyme adenosine diphosphatase (ADP) from providing phosphate to rebuild enamel.  He goes on to state that this oily substance often takes 20 or more rinses to remove.

Dr. Judd, like myself, is also against sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and fluoride so he now has my attention and therefore,  from my perspective, this means that most commercial  toothpastes might be worse to use than nothing at all.

Even better, Dr. Judd states that soap kills bacteria and viruses and removes oils like glycerin thereby allowing for greater remineralization of enamel.

Dr. Gifford –Jones in response to this information states that he is going to put it to the test and will report back in three months with the results.  The good doctor suggests that “all hell” from the dental profession would descend upon him as a result of this information.

He states in his post that he admires people who have the fortitude to question well-established theories that may be wrong; I second that opinion, would like to thank him for publishing this information and look forward to hearing his results in three months time!

What do you think?

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Woodland and Dental /





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