O’Davis promotes oral health with special brush for smokers

Are you a smoker? Do you have a problem concerning your dental hygiene? Then, you might find this new toothbrush invented by O’Davis Nigerian Limited very useful and quite affordable.

Here is the full article:

Concerned about the long term negative impact which smoking has on oral health, a Lagos-based Nigerian firm, O’Davis Nigerian Limited, has introduced a special brush for smokers into the health market.

The brush, the company explained, has hard but gentle effect on the teeth, acting on both the odour and black spots which frequent inhalation of smoke leaves on the mouth and the teeth respectively.

Chidozie Okafor, O’Davis managing director and chief executive officer, told journalists at a press conference in Lagos that the product, known as Wisdom 212 Smokers Toothbrush, was originally produced in the United Kingdom.

He added that due to labour cost, the manufacturing company shifted its factory to China from where it produces presently and distributes to various parts of the world.

“My company, O’Davis, is the sole agent and distributor of this product in Nigeria and the neighbouring West African countries”, he said, disclosing that they signed the sole patent and franchise agreement with the manufacturers in 2011.

He said that the product has been tested, approved and registered by relevant regulatory bodies in Nigeria including Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), National Association of Nigerian Dentists (NAND) and National Agency for Foods Drug Administration, and Control (NAFDAC).

Okafor warned consumers to beware of the fake variants of the product in the market, pointing out that the fake is distinguished from the genuine ones by their spellings.

“While our product which is the authentic and genuine one is spelt as ‘Wisdom’, desperate businessmen who have very little or consideration for human health are marketing products nobody knows their origin with the spelling ‘Wlsdom or Wiidom’”, he said, stressing that buyers should open their eyes wide.

On the safety of the product, Okafor assured that it is not only safe for use, but also environmentally friendly, explaining that it is carefully developed and produced with the best materials made of new plastic and nylon virgin materials.

According to him, the product comes in three variants including Wisdom 212 (Smokers Extra Hard) in brown bristle, Wisdom 212 (Smokers Extra Hard) in white bristle, and Wisdom 212 (Smoker Extra Hard) also in brown bristle with paste.

He advised end users to also look out for the address of his company on each pack of the product, saying that the company address is also part of the features that distinguish the genuine from the fake.

“Any product without this information should be regarded as fake”, he said, assuring that with public enlightenment through the media, and also through legal and other legitimate actions, “we will make sure we get rid of the fake products in the market”.

Okafor also assured their prospective customers that the product is quite affordable, pointing out that those who are selling the fake have lowered their own price by as much as 25 percent of what the genuine one goes for.

Source: Business Day Today / http://www.businessdayonline.com/NG/index.php/news/latest/50961-odavis-promotes-oral-health-with-special-brush-for-smokers


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