New complaints in dental investigation

More complaints are being filed against a Tulsa dental surgeon accused of being “a menace to public health.”

“I woke up screaming from the anesthesia. I will tell you that, before I left the office I was screaming because I was in so much pain,” said former patient Katie Berry.

The latest on the dental investigation involving oral surgeon Scott Harrington includes more than two dozen new complaints. The Executive Director for the Board of Dentistry, Susan Rogers, would not disclose specific allegations from those complaints.

“He was very reputable,” said Berry.

Rogers says in the 36 years of Harrington’s practice he did not receive a violation.

More than a thousand patients have gone to the Tulsa Health Department to get a blood test for Hepatitis B and C and HIV since Saturday.

The Board of Dentistry and The Tulsa Health Department reports they believe a patient of Harrington’s contracted HIV and Hepatitis C from Harrington’s office. They found violations of unsanitary practices such as rusty instruments, exposed needles and vials and nurse assistants giving IV’s and anesthesia without a license.

“I knew I had an infection from him and I needed to get antibiotics from him,” said Grace. She did not want to disclose her last name.

Berry says the pain lasted for six weeks but Harrington never told her what happened.

“The experience was the worst experience that I have ever gone through in my life,” said Berry.

Patient Todd Marsh blames himself for his infection.

“I wasn’t taking care of it right like I should have,” said Marsh.

Rogers says any patient with complications raises a red flag and they want to know about it.

“Still to this day I still have a little nerve damage, I guess I’ll never get back,” said Berry.

To file a complaint online you can go to Oklahoma Board of Dentistry website and click on the
Applications & Forms tab where you will find the complaint form. (See attached document)

When you file a complaint it states that it will need to know what happened and you agree to release your dental records and appear in front of the board.

Many patients are concerned about what is in their dental records including how much was given to them and what was reported. The Board of Dentistry says you can email the Board and include your name and phone number and someone will call you back.

Complaints are kept confidential. Rogers would not disclose what the new complaints were about involving Harrington and his office.

Meantime patients are trying to move forward.

“Get the results back and go from there,” said Marsh.

Harrington’s malpractice attorney, James Secrest II, did not return FOX23’s call.

Since the fallout, the Board of Dentistry says it is discussing with lawmakers and the American Dental Association possibly requiring dental assistants to have a permit and also passing an infectious control class.


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