Dental Health Tips for Children

Children are often afraid of the dentist, and we understand. That’s why our pediatric dentists have special training regarding children, infancy through young-adulthood. About six months after your child’s first tooth comes in (or if they are a year old and haven’t seen a dentist yet), schedule their first visit.

Tips to keep them brushing:

  • Make it fun! Get a soft toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character.
  • Try children’s oral care products like bubblegum flavored toothpaste.
  • Make brushing educational! Point out different parts of the mouth while brushing, and see if they can remember them.
  • Always remind them that brushing twice a day, and flossing every day will keep their teeth strong and healthy.

If your child develops good brushing habits early, it is much less likely that they will have oral problems once they develop their permanent teeth.


Tips for the parents:

  • Monitor bad habits like thumb sucking and tongue-thrusting. These, coupled with hereditary factors, weigh heavily on your child’s oral development.
  • Set a good example by keeping sugary snacks and drinks to a minimum and encourage good daily habits.
  • Until your children’s permanent teeth come in, annual visits are recommended so the dentists can track their oral development.
  • Remember, the habits children develop early on will stay with them through adulthood.


Source: Corner Dental


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