Maintaining good dental health throughout one’s life is wise in that any needs can be assessed early and overcome. Dr. Clayton Cooke, a highly regarded Fallbrook dental professional since 1976, offers some valuable tips for maintaining good dental health.

Preventative care

Addressing dental hygiene at home is very important, Cooke said, citing that establishing an oral health regimen can make a lifetime impact on one’s overall health. Various ailments such as respiratory and heart issues have been linked to inadequate oral care. Cooke recommends dental visits twice a year for cleanings, and periodic x-rays, depending on need.


All patients need and deserve to have a complete periodontal examination, Cooke said, which is recorded in their dental chart. This ensures that advanced periodontal disease is detected and provides a way to identify beginning changes in periodontal status that will benefit a patient by initiating early and simple treatment.

Restoration and reconstruction

When restoration and reconstruction work is needed, it is important for the right assessment and plan to be made. Using quality materials is also important to a top notch dental expert. When Cooke approaches these procedures, he uses high magnification and high definition impression materials, trusting only well-regarded laboratories. He also commented on the following:

Bridges easily restore not only the balance of the mouth’s biting and chewing motions, but typically look and feel as natural as one’s own teeth, while maintaining the shape and contour of the patient’s face.

Crowns are applicable for teeth that show wear and tear or are crooked. After reshaping, a material such as porcelain is used to augment the tooth.

Dentures must be custom fit to an individual’s mouth and gums for comfort and a natural effect, securing bite and smile.

Implants usually look and most like natural teeth of any replacement procedure. By utilizing a titanium or ceramic “root” positioned within the jawbone, an artificial tooth or crown is then attached. (Over 90 percent of the implants that Dr. Cooke has placed are still in function today.) 

Cosmetic fillings consist of different composite filling materials to choose from. Early detection of cavities is the best way to treat them, as many can be filled without the need of drilling or needles.

Cosmetic services

Knowing that patients want their teeth to look as attractive and healthy as possible, Cooke performs a spectrum of cosmetic procedures. He explained his procedures as follows:

Whitening includes a custom-fit tray as well as a suitable plan for each individual’s unique requirements

Veneers involve bonding a thin layer of porcelain to the prepared tooth surface, thus making the teeth look whiter, straighter and more evenly spaced, often in only two sessions. This procedure is often used to repair cracked teeth or fill in the gap between the two front teeth.

Bonding uses a composite resin, which is the color of tooth enamel. It can be used to repair fissures, chips, and reduce or get rid of gaps. Instead of having a traditional filling, this procedure can result in a more natural look.


Source: My Valley News



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