Tips For Maintaining Healthy Teeth At Home And With Your Dentist

(Photo : Teeth grinding is a serious issue that can be easily prevented with a night time mouth guard.

Some people are blessed with great teeth, others aren’t. Dental care can make up for a good portion of the gap as the system has redirected itself towards prevention rather than painful drilling and shots of novacaine.

Understanding the current methods of the dental system is important, according to CNN. Many people may not know, for instance, that cavities can now be cured, or recalcified, following fluoride treatment, or IM pasting. Reversing a cavity, however, requires early detection so schedule regular check-ups with your dentist, if possible.

Frequent visits are somewhat less necessary for those with a crown or a filling, which should be replaced approximately every eight years, according to CNN. Even if the dental work appears healthy, more damage could exist underneath.

Children should receive regular cleanings, including fluoride treatments, until at least the age of 15 because of their preponderance to consume large amounts of sugar, CNN reported.

As for home dental care, experts recommend the electric toothbrush, which compensates for the facts that most people don’t understand how to brush correctly or brush for the required two minutes. (Most electric devices have a timer).

For the grinders out there, invest in a mouth guard at night. Grinders can lose almost a millimeter of tooth per year if left untreated, according to CNN

Lastly, understand your own dental care and which areas give you trouble. Most dentists break teeth deficiency into four categories: cavity-prone, sensitivity, strainers, and those with bad gums. Each category can be treated with a specific regime, according to CNN.


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