How healthy are your teeth? Children’s Dental Health Month reveals most damaging foods


(FEBRUARY 26, 2014) – It’s Children’s Dental Health Month and experts are reminding parents of the importance of teaching children healthy habits early.

“Our mouth is the gateway to our body,” said Dr. John Clauss with Simply Dental in Fishers.

“There’s a lot of research showing gum disease has a link to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, things like that, so it’s not just our mouth that’s affected it’s our overall health,” he said.

Children should start seeing a dentist regularly when they are two or three years old unless there are obvious problems.

Dr. Clauss said many parents think baby teeth don’t matter because children lose them anyway, but he said it’s still essential to take care of them.

“The baby teeth do a couple of different things. They save space for the permanent teeth and also they’re there to chew with, so if you don’t fix a tooth it…

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