DIY Teeth Whitening: The Best At-Home Tricks

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DIY teeth whitening

With bright, bold lipstick being such a big trend (and always a staple in our arsenal of looks), the matter of keeping our teeth as pearly white as possible is extremely important. Just about every lip color looks better when put against sparkly white teeth — not to mention the fact that yellowing teeth can be a bit of a confidence killer. Whitening can be a big investment, and even though it’s worth the outcome, we always prefer to DIY what we can (to save our money for more important things, like highlights). In an effort to help your smile shine as brightly as your personality, we’ve put together eight must-know tips for DIY teeth whitening below!

1. The Mouth Guard: One simple trick is done with the use of a mouth guard that can be bought at any drugstore. Mix baking soda and lemon juice (and a little bit of…

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