Dental health for your furry friend

August is pet dental month and Dr Mark Carter, veterinarian and owner of the Dubbo Veterinary Hospital, is reinforcing the importance of pet dental health.

He said pet dental care is just as important as human care and can have the same effects.

“Dental disease in pets is important, it’s important because it can cause pain, and it can also have detrimental effects on the kidney, liver and heart,” Dr Carter said.

Pets also develop dental disease the same way humans do, Dr Carter said.

“Plaque builds up and turns into tartar, which causes pain, erosion of the tooth and eventually tooth loss,” he said.

He also added the lips can sometimes hide the diseased tooth making it difficult to identify.

Dr Carter also squashed a widely believed myth.

“People mistake bad breath in part as normal, this is incorrect,” he said.

Bad breath in pets can be a warning sign and once a diseased tooth is discovered intervention from a veterinary surgeon is required.

But Dr Carter said there is no need for alarm and preventatives to tooth disease are available.

“For those owners that are concerned, you can train animals to have their teeth cleaned, but there are also special kibbles, chews and treats that can clean teeth,” he said.

“Those who wish to have their pet’s teeth checked during August, pet dental month, Dubbo Veterinary Hospital is offering a free grading assessment of pets teeth and a 10 per cent discount off dental procedures.”




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