Dental Tips for Back to School

We’ve all enjoyed the summer with family vacations, summer sports, and fun in the sun. Now it’s time to gear up with new backpacks, a trendy wardrobe and school supplies as we send our kids back to school.

As we prepare to get our children back into the normal routine, it’s important to include good oral hygiene habits. Here are some tips to help keep those smiles bright and healthy throughout the school year:

All good oral hygiene habits begin with a visit to your dentist who plays a big role in monitoring your children as they grow. A dental checkup allows the dentist to review your child’s medical history, examine their teeth and soft tissues, and reinforce good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing.

When brushing your children’s teeth, it’s important to monitor your child’s brushing until at least 9 years old. For preschoolers and younger children, you can help them improve their brushing by allowing them to brush their teeth first and then finishing the job for them. Ensure they are brushing for at least two minutes, use a soft bristle toothbrush that does not have sprayed bristles from overuse, and use a cavity preventing fluoride toothpaste with a flavor your child enjoys. Since they may not be able to brush during their lunchtime, it is important to make sure they are brushing at least twice a day after breakfast and before bedtime to ensure a clean mouth throughout the day and during the night.

Flossing should occur daily, but can be difficult for some younger children and may require your help. Try using floss pics or flossers with handles to make it easier for you and them. Many flosses come in fun colors and flavors to help get your child excited about flossing. Finally, always make sure your school-goers are fueled with a nutritious diet. Pack a healthy lunch and snacks including fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods that help neutralize acids like cheese and dairy. Avoid sugary sodas and juices and encourage your children to drink plenty of water. With just a few easy tips, your children will be off to school with happy. healthy smiles.


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